My first shoot

This past Friday I ventured to try something new. I called up my sister-in-law and asked her to model for me. During the shoot, I knew I was struggling but I also saw myself growing in my photography skills as I was forced to resolve image problems such as lighting, posing, and interacting with the model. After returning home, I was excited to edit my images and I found surprise in the quality of my images compared to previous portraits I’ve taken. While I probably should not put myself out there as a “new” photographer, I don’t want to over-sell myself or begin to think I don’t need to get better.

Here are a few insights I had from this experience:

  1. Photography is light; knowing how to adjust for different light sources and different intensities is crucial for developing a good image.
  2. Visualizing an image is great, but be open to adapting mistakes to become something unexpected.
  3. Watch the model: Is she slouching? Is her shirt scrunching up?
  4. Interact with the model: She wants to know what you want her to do. She also wants to have fun so just be playful and real and her smile will be much more natural.
  5. Have a plan: A one hour shoot can easily become 3 hours when you are driving around looking for a location to take pictures. Be careful if you are outdoors because you will quickly lose your lighting.
andyjeung blog 1
Images from my photoshoot with Stephanie. To view more images, visit

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