Numero Tres:

This would be my third photo shoot with a model and this time the main struggle was losing daylight quickly.

I have three sisters; a total of four woman in a small house and only one full size mirror. Growing up, we all learned to prepare ahead and make sure to call “dibs” on the bathroom to do our hair and makeup in the morning. My last shot was with Sydney, a 16 year old high school student from my church in San Francisco. She’s bubbly, down to earth, and wouldn’t mind being famous one day. With a background in dance, singing and some modeling, I think she has the perfect resume to potentially gain the fame she jokes around about. She is also no exception to the typical 16 year old high school student who is learning time management. So naturally, we were running an hour behind.

We changed out venue last minute to accommodate for the difference in time and commute, but once we got to the Palace of Fine Arts, I realized that the sun was quickly fading. The venue was crowded with tourists who were spending a ridiculous amount of time standing inside the rotunda with their point and shoot cameras. It was a Wednesday so I thought there would be less people there, but I suppose for it being the day before Thanksgiving, many people must of had an adventurous side about them and starting vacation early.

What I learned from this shoot is:

  • On my Nikon D90, use the noise reduction and the lowest ISO setting possible to avoid too much noise (the grainy look).
  • Always schedule a buffer time in case the model is running late or there is traffic.
  • When working with minors, be sure to tell them how strict the time frame is and don’t be afraid to ask them to reschedule if they cannot be ready in time. Sydney and I will go out again and hopefully we won’t have these struggles with time and light since she now understands the importance of getting to the venue on time.
  • If the model is not experienced, send sample poses for him/her to practice in the mirror. Also, it is okay to ask them to send a picture of their outfit ahead of time for approval and to pick a good venue that matches the style of outfit.

Overall, I am not very satisfied with the shoot/pictures, but there was a lot we learned form this outing.

Here are a few pictures from the shoot:

syd 3

syd 1

syd 2