The Hapa Tour

My husband took me out for a date and I had recently hinted wanting to go to the Hapa Tour. The line up was all people who are Hapa, hence the title “The Hapa Tour”. I really wanted to see Marie Digby, especially since the last time I saw her was at Cal Berkeley. It’s funny how I remember babysitting for my friend who wanted to go to one of her shows when I was in college and I couldn’t go because it was at a Bar (I was not yet 21). This time around, my husband and I went and left our baby at home with a sitter (thanks Grandparents!). Oh how time flies.

Chasing Lovey was a fun band to watch. Their stories reminded me of my (hapa) sisters and I who laugh at the amount of times people randomly come up to us asking, “what are you?” …”Uh, I’m a human being. What are YOU?!” I remember standing in the dollar store and a lady comes up to me and shows me the greeting card in her hand and asks, “do you read Spanish?” I replied, “I’m sorry, no. I don’t” while thinking, “I’m not even Hispanic.” We often got confused for nearly every ethnicity under the sun.

Marie Digby was playful and fun. Even having shared with us the mishap of not having a keyboard until 2 hours before the show, she played it effortlessly.

Meiko was also a great show, but my husband and I had to leave and get back to our baby as to relieve my parent’s of babysitting duties. I wish we could have stayed for the whole show but thank goodness for Spotify!

On the way out we got to chat with Marie for ten minutes, snap a quick pic, and then we were headed home. Thanks for a great date Husband!

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