A Cultural Gem in the heart of San Francisco

img_0428When I got the call to cover a last minute cover story for J weekly again, I was excited to hear that I would get the opportunity to see inside the Jewish High School just down the street from where I live. While my daughter will likely consider herself Asian American rather than Jewish and therefore will not be able to attend here (it is required to identify ones self as Jewish), it is so exciting to see the opportunities these students have to learn language, Jewish culture and be part of a tight knit community. They celebrate Jewish holidays, learned Hebrew, have integration courses and who doesn’t LOVE culturally specific holiday foods?! Hamantaschen cookies anyone? It was quite the experience to walk down the halls which are covered in student art and portraits of the homeland.

The article featured on the cover of J Weekly is about the new option for freshman students to opt out of the previously required Hewbrew curriculum. While I got to sit in on the Hebrew class a bit while taking images for the newspaper, I couldn’t help but think how cool and fun these teachers are! I hope the students appreciate what a rare experience they get to have while attending this school.

Read the article here: http://www.jweekly.com/article/full/77157/more-jewish-day-schools-are-making-hebrew-optional/