More than 3 lbs of LOVE

This baby is going to be born as a tiny bundle of overwhelming love. Becoming a parent is so much more than added responsibilities and sleepless nights. Becoming a parent is becoming another type of YOU. You are still the same person you were before, yet you are so much more. A woman becomes a Mother, a caretaker, 100% of her babies nutritional needs in the baby’s first 6 months of life. A man becomes the caretaker and provider of his wife and child as his beloved recovers from the pains of labor and recover. While in a few months, things can go back to moderate normalcy, you are never the same.

I am so excited for Daris and Clara, that they get to experience becoming parents of a beautiful child in just a few short weeks.

30 weeks

3 lbs

So much love.

+ a dog.